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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Haircut Hell

So Jayden had to have his haircut this week. It was a nightmare, as expected. A few days before, I started talking to him about it and he seemed fine. He remembered that the "hair cut lady" had lollipops and that seemed to make him happy.

We get to the salon and sit in the chair, and he immediately goes crazy.  You would swear she was cutting off his limbs and not just hair.

Sigh. But he needed it. These are the few times that I think having a girl would be easier. I'd just let the hair grow out.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Please vote for Jayden!

Hi Peeps. I have a little favor to ask you. I entered Jayden in Babycenter.com's "Babies in Green" photo contest. Stop by and vote for him:  Jayden

While you're there, upload your own cutie in a contest for a chance to win 25$!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Dear followers, random people on the internet, etc.,

Hiii! I'm bacck. I know, I know, you probably haven't even noticed since I'm one of 7563y7437436 mom bloggers on the web these days. And yes, I realize there is a "y" in that figure. Since not updating, I started a couple other projects, which honestly didn't do so well and well, that's why I'm back here. I love writing, need to write more, and the other projects I set up were just to time consuming for me to keep up on.

School is going well, except for algebra. But I suck in algebra so that's no shock.

I've got back into knitting, but I haven't actually made anything yet, just practicing stitches.

And, last but not least, I've become a Twi-hard. I loved the movie so much, I went and bought the books. I just finished New Moon. I'll start Eclipse sometime this week.

The little man is good, being a typical toddler and getting into trouble.

So, those are just some random updates. I'll be back soon!